"From one end of the country to the other,
Keepers of the Landí, with its beautiful
pictures and interesting stories, helps
illustrate the many reasons why
agriculture is the backbone of the
Canadian economy."
Deb Cripps - writer - photographer - marketer

$50.00 CAD

"What a wonderful journey your book took
me on. You have a way of presenting
familiar things in stunning new ways,
and youíve inspired me to travel again
and explore these places on my own."

$60.00 CAD

"Your creativity and talent "soar"
through out This Land I Love.  With
a perceptive and loving eye you have
captured the beauty of the Waterloo
County landscape."

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"Rarely in the history of print is a
book published that has the power
to inspire, motivate, and grasp the
fundamental concepts that challenge
the human condition... Gift of Wings
is one such rare book."

Currently sold out

"Your new book reduced me to tears
of joy as I read the children's stories
and looked at their eyes... thank you
so much for such a delightful and
beautiful book."

$20.00 CAD

"What a powerful book this is - a book
of affirmation and empowerment.
Your photographs have captured
Haiti's wealth of spirit."

Currently sold out

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